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They call this a WIN in the War on Xmas? – Musings of a Liberatheist

Revealed: City of London accuses France of plot to wreck Britain’ – even if it gains nothing itself – His message to UK Treasury Ministers and MPs says Macron’s France has effectively declared open war. the musings of a rogue senior official in the French government or central bank. France could.

Why The "War On Christmas" Just Isn't What It Used To Be – The war on Christmas clearly has fallen off the radar since its "Santa just is white" peak a few years ago. And ironically, Trump’s presidency appears to be part of why its relevance has faded.

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Musings of a Liberatheist – Musings of a Liberatheist. They call this a WIN in the War on Xmas? 2726 comments Published Thursday, December 15, 2005 by Addie. My mother, though rather socialist in her political views, likes to watch FOX News. I cannot understand why, but I think she likes the opportunity to save on her.

Oy, it's War on Christmas time again – Freethought Blogs – Oy, it’s War on Christmas time again.. .well whatever nonsensical idea it is that they claim. The War on The War on Xmas seems to be going the same way. After a while listening to wingnuts babble gets boring.. If I sense someone’s trying to feel persecuted about the so called war on.

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Can You Be an Atheist and a Jew at the Same Time? David. – Can You Be an Atheist and a Jew at the Same time? david silverman Says No. The activist behind those anti-Christmas billboards says Judaism is incompatible with the views of nonbelievers-like.

Borepatch: The War on Drugs and the persistence of pain – Come up with a way to fight the War on Drugs that doesn’t burn down the village to save it, or declare victory and go home. I don’t think that there’s a way to win without massive collateral damage because the people using drugs want to use them, they don’t want to stop, and they won’t cooperate with efforts to improve/perfect/save them.

TygrBright sez: I will not let them win the War on Christmas. – Christmas, is a child of Palestinian parents desperately fleeing politically ordered genocide.Christmas is a dark-skinned refugee, born amid the smell of damp straw and animal dung, because no human-worthy welcome could be found.Christmas is a poor, itinerant, street preaching Jewish rabbi, living off the generosity of those around him.

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Obaseki’s first 60 days – Even if Oshiomhole supported Obaseki to win the gubernatorial election in Edo State. His urbane, humane and humble disposition is quite unlike what politics is used to. He, on Christmas day,

William's 17th&18th Century Wargaming & Musings: – William’s 17th&18th Century Wargaming & Musings: So after setting this up a YEAR ago I am finally in a place to feel like I can do some posting.