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The Home Equity Theft Reporter: BofA Duped Me Into Loan Modification When It Really Wants To Foreclose, Says Texas Woman In Lawsuit

A couple years ago, they applied for a second mortgage, a home equity loan with Wells Fargo, to pay off credit card debts and to make some home repairs. Just before Christmas 2008, Michael, a heavy equipment operator, was laid off, and Susan, who works as a certified nursing assistant, also was temporarily unemployed for the holidays.

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Inflation Is On Its Way Says Bank of America (BAC) 13 October Wells Fargo Chief Abruptly Steps Down.. Bank unlawfully breaks into home, lawsuit says. 18 July. West Virginia Woman Sues Wells Fargo Over Alleged Home Loan Modification Misrepresentations.

Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage / loan modification. Peoria, AZ, US Review updated. Lawyers hint was to stop paying, so I saved 6months X $4100 so far. NOW BofA wants to do something. 1st offer, drop interest rate to 2%.. Wells Fargo exec. moved into beach home surrendered to bank by Madoff.

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He says he paid $250 to The Community Business Center in Chamblee for help with a loan modification to save his home from foreclosure. Now, he feels like he’s been left in limbo. [C]ustomers have been showing up, one after the other, trying to get answers about the status of their loans, fearing that their homes may have been sold at auction.

Bank of America Settlements impede fraud probe, Arizona Says By Karen Gullo Jan. 26 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. is impeding an investigation of its loan modification practices by negotiating settlements with borrowers who must agree to keep them secret and not criticize the bank in exchange for cash payments and loan relief, Arizona.

Lin, whose medication incapacitates him, claims he doesn’t remember receiving billing statements for a long time. However, he’s never missed a mortgage payment on his Countrywide home loan for 15 years. The equity in his home alone is worth $350,000 to $500,000. What complicates his story is that Lin speaks almost no English.

Big banks like Bank of America service mortgages on behalf of other investors. Bank of America processes payments, negotiates with borrowers and operates the foreclosure process but does not actually own the loan. Many properties from the housing bubble had an additional home equity loan, or second lien.

2009.07.07: Bank of America employees say it’s time to speak out against predatory banking practices 2009.07.03: Credit Card Companies Raise Interest Rates, Hike Minimum Payments and Lower Credit Scores.