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In fact, more than one-third of hiring managers reported they had to fire someone for being late. So beware: Just because you’ve come up with a creative excuse doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

In 2018, The Dots is on a mission to ensure there is no excuse for events not to represent society as. Little is also part of Storm Models Creative. Follows could be described as a professor of the.

The big lame excuse creative entrepreneurs make every day #SSSVEDA Day Three Love this story! Your writing skills and excuse making skills are equally creative. I can’t remember ever actually making an excuse to dress. I have in the past, encouraged my wife to go away for the weekend (or longer) specifically so Emily could have some time. I have even paid for plane fare to Maine so I could be me.

Of course, I know it’s not an excuse in this case. Just as important as it is to treat your creative project with the respect it deserves and work on it, Even though they are creative, these excuses probably won’t work with your boss or manager. It’s too cold to work. I had morning sickness (it was a man). My coffee was too hot and I.

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So what did Kerley’s four-week investigation turn up? Well, he finally gave us an answer to that question this week, and let’s just say he definitely wins the award for most creative excuse for.

Excuses are part of everyone’s daily life. She is a graduate of the College of William and Mary where she majored in Religious Studies and minored in Creative Writing. She maintains an avid.

It might not be uncommon for workers to fake a sick day just to skip work, but some apparently feel the need to get a little more creative, according to a recent study. In fact, the excuses employees give their bosses for missing work can be so outlandish that 60 percent of managers say they often.

 · The most common of excuses, and therein lies the problem. I mean, you’re sitting/standing, right there in front of your boss looking quite alright, unbloodied, not throwing up or dying, so what’s the problem, right? Most bosses will be happy to let you out early if you plead sickness, especially if it’s some infectious disease like the flu.

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